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When will I receive my physical print?

Within 60 days of purchase

What is a QFT?

QUANTUM FINGERPRINT TAG - A simple and secure digital identity that links physical and digital assets to the blockchain allowing each separate good its own intrinsic value. Also referred to as a QFT or QF-TAG (Trusted and Guaranteed).

Who is Atom Angeles?

These first images are an intro to Atom. Atom is the vehicle for our community to interact with emerging technologies. As Atom evolves so does our Vccess family.

Who is Soulajit

Headshot of Jeremy Ian Thomas

Jeremy Ian Thomas “Soulajit” is a Los Angeles based multimedia artist and polymath with roots in music, film, philosophy and 3D visual content creation. “Soulajit” has spent the last decade mastering color, photogrammetry, texture mapping, and music producing to generate artworks that transcend time and space. Jeremy began his artistic journey in 1994 recording his first song under the moniker “Surreal” as a high schooler. Jeremy’s personal experiences have helped shape his creative endeavors, from serving in the United States Army, to having a successful career as an independent Hip Hop artist sharing stages from Europe to Asia with the likes of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and Wu Tang Clan.

Following his touring days, “Soulajit” went on to attend the Los Angeles Film School delving into the extensive world of light and shadow as a professional colorist and creative director. The birth of Jeremy’s son Isaiah, was the catalyst to take his several artistic talents and pour them into a stream of conscious creativity that is seen in his digital artworks and their original scores. Immersing himself in the world of daily rendering over the past decade, he amassed a wealth of techniques solving the puzzles inside massively deep learning curves by pushing himself to create original art everyday. In his own words, “I had to do it all myself because I had no other choice, necessity was my mother of invention.”

Today Jeremy creates images imbued with psychedelic symbology bridging the gap between art and commerce. All the skills he’s collected over the past 28 years coalesce into a potent brew of conscious sensorial experience. He works with celebrities, businesses, and athletes to share stories in the ever expanding era of digital art. 3 dimensional storytelling, scored masterfully, while communicating the beautiful, ugly and otherworldly sets Thomas apart in the new paradigm where artists are finally being recognized as cultural conduits.